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Are You Looking For the Books which will Change Your Life?

We Recommend You a Book #ReadToRoar , The book will open your mind and change the way you think about money, success, and life.

Order The most awaited, life-changing book by Dr Naveed Ahmed Khan ,

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There is an exemplum that humans can survive for six months without food, for six days without water, and maybe for six hours without air, but they cannot survive even for six seconds without hope. Maybe that’s the reason for today’s high number of suicides (according to research every forty seconds somewhere in the world someone due to disappointment and hopelessness commits suicide. Just like any other part of the world, our beloved homeland, Pakistan has almost the same worst condition. According to research, 64% of the people in Pakistan are facing life- threatening psychological issues including depression, hopelessness, fear of failure, and almost have given up to rise and stand up again.

According to experts and mentors, motivation and mentorship work as oxygen for any human during the tough times of hopelessness and depression which can be life-threatening. To make life move, face challenging situations and rise again from zero, nothing can be a better antidote than a good motivational book. In this age of competition, with the abundance of information, quick communication, and modern means of dissemination of knowledge it has become very difficult for one to choose the right material in the vastness of availability especially for a country like Pakistan, where motivation and mentorship are still thought to be the secondary or maybe even not necessary. Where life coaching and career guidelines are ignored cursedly.

This book is for anyone who is living through pain and grief or who has been affected with hardship, a hardship that results in sadness, hopelessness, and a dark blind tunnel with a dead end. This book says the following: rejoice and be motivated, get out of your comfort zone and you will be unstoppable, remain positive and calm but never compromise for less than what you deserve. Indeed it says this as well: live life as it should be lived – wholesomely, happily and productively.This book is not written for a specific group, age, or ethnicity of people: rather it is for anyone who wants to live a purposeful life and achieve their goals. Important note to keep in mind while reading:

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