• Cooler master T400 rgb cpu cooler

    Sold By: Indus Tech
    Cooler Master Blizzard T400 RGB CPU Cooler with SF120R RGB LED PWM Cooling Fan and 4 Direct Contact Heat Pipes Cooler Master Blizzard T400 RGB CPU Air Cooler is directly ascended from the legendary Hyper T4 & Blizzard T4 series. Equipped with four direct contact heatpipes and a SF120R RGB wide-range PWM fan, the Cooler Master Blizzard T400 provides a great balance of performance and noise levels.
    • Fan RGB interface: 5V/3PIN
    • Fan interface: 4-Pin (PWM)
    • Radiator size: 120.0×79.2 x158.0mm
    • Fan Speed (RPM): 650-2,000 RPM (PWM) ± 10%

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