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Merkit will pay on every successful order. was established with a vision. A vision for better products, better service and to increase economic activity in the country. Merkit has in just 3 months helped more than 2000 vendors to get into business and sell products on the platform nationwide. also believes that to counter the unemployment issue in the country, one solution is to get people involved in the program and to encourage people, specially the young to become entrepreneurs and self-employed. Therefore, has launched its “Merkit Partner Program”. The program is not only about but also includes all the other current and future projects of JR Group. is inviting you to become a partner in its E-Commerce business. Enter the E-Commerce industry with and increase your income by becoming full and part-time Merkit Partner. The new business ways are now going to be online in your pockets!

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If you think you can do it then here is your chance to prove yourself! 

  • Act for as its Partner (Self-Employed,full and/or part-time) and you can be part of the current and future sister projects.

What to do…

  • Get orders for from inner, outer, and open sources including Merkit affiliate Marketing. You will be eligible for up to 10% commission on the orders generated by your efforts.
  • Be a Merkit hunter! Earn an incentive/commission of Rs. for every vendor that you sign-up!
  • Be a Tripako hunter! Earn an incentive/commission and/or percentage of upto 10% for every hotel, restaurants, and other businesses that you sign-up for our Tour & Travel Project – “Tripako” 
  • Earn Percentage on our upcoming exciting sellable products to be launched soon.

In it for you is…

  • Nothing flat but a fair percentage along with amazing incentives!

Trust us…

  • We shall have a proper on-paper agreement that shall be decided between the parties legally.
  • We are legally registered.
  • We have our offices in more than one city
  • We have vendors and logistics working with us Nationwide
  • We have customers from all over Pakistan

We take commitments seriously!

  • believes everything to be in a written format from either party. 
  • Meet the deadlines.
  • Put extra efforts focuses on every Partner as a one on one, we shall give incentives when you give your 100% and vice versa when you give your 0%

Reason for Partner Program has always thought differently and is unique, we believe in not just taking services but also providing services. has introduced the partner program for others to join hands and make the most of it! Earn with with zero investment! 

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